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Payment Spectrum
Demo Movies

The proposed solution is to expand what it means to be a bank.
The new banking function is to create and combine different ways to create money.

While being a bank would be useful, it is not essential to setting up such a Payment Spectrum. Only a bank account would be needed.

You can watch the Give Yourself Credit Demo movies at the links below:

The Give Yourself Credit Payment Spectrum

10 minutes

Illustrated tours

Savings as Crowdfunding: 8:20

Savings spent on Producer Credits maintain the purchasing power of the savers, while re-circulating conventional money back into the working economy.

A Producer Credit Acount 6:53

Owning Producer Credits would be like having accounts in several national currencies. You can't mix apples and oranges.

The Value Proposition for a Community 8:14

A proposed solution to present to a community in need of liquidity.
How a community can create its own means of exchange and self-financing independent of the banking system.

A Retailer's Supply Chain 8:36

How a retailer's supply chain could work in the Producer Credit System.
Proof that Producer Credits and conventional money are compatible in every situation.

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