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Payment Spectrum

The solution is to create and combine different ways to create money

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Currently the only way to create money is to get into debt to a bank. And repayment is in money only.

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The solution is to expand beyond that paradigm, and also use as money, reliable promises of products or services denominated in an inflation-proofed value unit, the Producer Credit as previously described. This provides a second way to create money, as debt payable in goods and/or services only, with a value unit that defines its value in terms of a basket of global commodities.

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And add to that, Time Money which is denominated only in hours. Time Money is like Producer Credits, a promise of something specific from someone specific. Any kind of exchange can be reckoned in hours and at any rate of exchange the participants agree upon. If you do something for someone else who is willing to pledge their future time in exchange, then you have created "money" that you can spend on someone else's time. All value exchanges are subjective and voluntary. Participants are made aware of the local minimum wage for personal comparison purposes only.

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And lastly, I propose a means of facilitating Gifting which can take any form. Gifts can be requested. And giving can be recorded as "social capital" if that is the donor's wish.

All of these modes of exchange currently exist, and have throughout human history.

The solution is to make them interchangeable so that theoretically a gift could be exchanged for Time Money which could be traded for Producer Credits, then exchanged for bank credit and paid out in fiat cash all within the same account within the Payment Spectrum.

In addition to the gifting module, such a brokerage could also offer community networking, employment and sales services that allow account holders to advertise their goods and services to each other and build "tribes" of people who interact with each other using all 4 modes of exchange.

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