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Money as Debt

Money as Debt II

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Paul's Money As Debt video is superb!

Hazel Henderson
Evolutionary Economist

hazelhenderson.com world renowned futurist, evolutionary economist, worldwide syndicated columnist, consultant on sustainable development; author of Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy (2007) and creator of Ethical Markets TV & the Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life indicators.

Everyone should see this movie.

David Kortenlecturer & author of When Corporations Rule the World, The Great Turning from Empire to Earth Community

Paul Grignon's documentary is the REAL Economics 101 for the twenty-first century. It's perfect for teaching your kids and all of your family about where money comes from. I plan to use it in my college classes and am now sharing it with my adult friends. This crucial information has been kept from us, and we need to learn it and spread it far and wide!

Carolyn Baker

The miracle we needed! Money as Debt is a masterpiece. Brilliant and of infinite value to mankind.

Dr. Edward Hamlyn, British Association for Monetary Reform

It’s a Hit! — Money as Debt is terrific

Catherine Austin Fitts

solari.com former Managing Director and member of the Board, Dillon Read & Co. Inc., US Assistant Secretary of Housing - US Federal Housing Commissioner; President and founder of Hamilton Securities investment bank

Paul Grignon’s Money As Debt DVD is probably the best tool for promoting money reform yet to be produced.
  .... At 47 minutes, it is long enough to get over the salient facts, without being too long, and it involves watching amusing animated graphics rather than listening to a talking head. Best of all, it has a nice gentle Canadian voice-over. Everyone trusts the Canadians. They are both serious-minded and well-intentioned. 

Anne Belsey, Leader Money Reform Party, UK 

Paul Grignon's video production, Money as Debt, is the best presentation I've yet seen that explains in simple and straight forward language (with supporting animated visuals) the true nature of money and the dysfunctional and undemocratic nature of the global banking system.

Thomas H. Greco, Reinventing Money.com

Elizabeth J. Kucinich, monetary reform activist partner of
Congressman, and US Presidential aspirant, Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)

I have worked for a long time looking into monetary reform and after 10 years, finally someone has produced a DVD entitled "Money as Debt". It is a fabulous fun yet powerful introduction to the issue of monetary reform. It's the best over view I have seen so far; the best by far. ESSENTIAL! Everyone should watch it!

The topic of DebtMoney is THE issue of our times. It forms the basis to every nation's areas of core material and spiritual concerns such as economic development, employment and environmental sustainability.

If only government officials, civil society organizations, environmental groups, unions and well meaning international development strategists trying to eradicate poverty really understood this topic... the world would be a much better place.

Only 47 minutes long, this DVD is ideal for public education in schools, colleges and universities, as well as individual or family viewing, with lots of juicy re-useable quotes from prominent bankers, economists and presidents.

This ranks among the best explanations of anything I have ever seen, and I speak as a professional writer of explanations whose web domain is clearexplanations. com.

Timothy Nobles

Catherine Whelan Costen, Past President , Canadian Action Party

Ever wonder why the banks have so much money, while countries and individuals have so much debt?

Once again Paul Grignon has taken a taboo subject and turned it into an entertaining easily understood topic. 'The truth will set you free', it is said, but first it will make you angry! Once you know the real story you can never go back to your mythical beliefs. Similar to the feeling you had, once you found out the truth about sex. The birds and bees story lost its appeal!

The new video 'Money as Debt', uncovers the many myths and concepts regarding money's history. Everybody loves money, wants it, needs it and depends upon it. What everybody doesn't understand is the basics of money. What is money and where does it really come from? How does the wheel of fortune really work and why don't you have enough of it? These are a few of the many hard realities, Mr.Grignon exposes in simple language.

A must see video for every age and station in life. I encourage everyone from teachers to bank employees, accountants, students and everyone in between to invest in this video.

The Canadian Action Party has long been an advocate of Monetary Reform and this is by far the best explanation produced in years. Its one of those secrets you'll be itchin' to share with everyone you meet.

Buy ten -- you'll get a bigger return on your investment by sharing the knowledge! Go to the website today for more information on how to order --you deserve to be in the know! Knowledge is Power!

Richard Distelhorst, Chairman Burlington, Iowa Chapter, American Monetary Institute.

This new Money as Debt video very clearly explains in plain English
(1) how fractional reserve banking began,
(2) it identifies many of the problems caused by our existing debt-based money system, and, importantly,
(3) it defines what we can do to break this cycle of debt and, through monetary reform such as the American Monetary Act, how we can have an honest, debt-free monetary system which will provide huge benefits to the American people.

This colorful and very entertaining video is the best I have ever seen to explain the problems and the solutions necessary for true monetary reform.

Bill and Celia Abram, Duncan Citizens' Intiative

Paul Grignon's 47-minute animated presentation of "Money as Debt" tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being created. It is an entertaining way to get the message out.

The Cowichan Citizens Coalition and its "Duncan Initiative" received high praise from those who previewed it. We recommend it as a painless but hard-hitting educational tool and encourage the widest distribution and use by all groups concerned with the present unsustainable monetary system in Canada and the United States.

Thank you Paul for your excellent production.

Tom, (Tommy Usury-Free) Kennedy Community Currency activist

Most people that I have shown this DVD to say that they want (need) to see it more than once. I recommend this DVD for anyone's library as it can be a great teaching tool to share with those who are ready and willing to learn what formal education neglects to teach

The UsuryFree Network is promoting the DVD 'Money As Debt' as a fundraiser to raise money for the Second Annual UsuryFree Day celebrations on Monday, November 13th, 2006... with guest speakers who are well-researched on the design flaw of usury... groups need to know that unless the money-as-debt-plus-interest system is fundamentally reformed, no other reforms will ever succeed, at least not for long.

Encourage these groups to view this entertaining explanation about money and then recommend it to their members and the public. My pitch to social justice, environmental and electoral reform activists is that, without monetary reform, political reforms will not achieve the goals intended - fundamental power lies in money creation, not laws. And without electoral reform, monetary reform is not going to happen. In this way, I see the 'Money as Debt' DVD helping to enlist a wide variety of social activists behind the demand for both electoral and monetary reform.

Susan Boskey The Quality of Life Plan

In 47 minutes, Paul Grignon, writer, artist and animator of the movie Money as Debt , tells the whole story about how money works. Believe me, this is a huge accomplishment. For as long as I've studied this topic (going on 26 years), I found it difficult to find any one author who could break down the facts for a lay person such as myself. I had to research lots of different sources – pieces of the puzzle - to get the whole picture and that took years. In my opinion, Money as Debt will continue to be wildly successful because it communicates an exceedingly complex subject in simple terms for everyday people. What's more, Paul Grignon uses humor to lubricate the parts of our brains needed to learn new concepts. The pure enjoyment factor of good animation illuminates this typically confounding topic making it accessible and much easier to comprehend.

J. Marselus Van Wagner, Editor, Mainstream Media Review http://msmreview.blogspot.com/

I have only had the opportunity to view the original Money as Debt video, but it is hands down the single most important and eye opening educational video of our time.

If you don't have too much time to devote to this self-study material and are seeking a lazy fastpath, then in conjunction with Paul Grignon's 47-minute video Money as Debt, Ellen Brown's readable book Web of Debt, and PHBF's analysis Monetary Conspiracy for World Government, the short 10-minute article by John Hotson, Understanding Money, comprises a minimal-set to rapidly understand the nature of money and why its monopoly control is the primary lever for
controlling the world and what to do about reforming it.

And now for a world government, is also useful as it ties in all the global crises together to show that it is indeed all part of the same agenda for one-world government being pushed by globalist bankers.

Project Human Beings First

Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!

Paul, Thank You for producing "Money as Debt".

I am not an economist, financier or businessperson - my education is actually in engineering - but I have always been curious about how world finance functions. I just watched your film for the fist time and I'm astonished.

You're right, it is an extremely complex system with many variables, however many of them can be generalized which you have done quite well.

I've always innately sensed the lunacy behind the need for perpetual economic growth from the closed system of the limited resources we have available here on Earth. It cannot be done. Sustainability must be achieved otherwise the human race will surely extinguish itself.

I've often thought of Agent Smith's postulation in The Matrix about how humans do not fit with the classical definition of a mammal, since most mammals establish an equilibrium with their environment as a necessity of their survival. Smith muses that the human race is more akin to a virus, spreading and multiplying uncontrollably all the while ravaging it's host to death until both the host and the virus die.

It seems that the status quo of our race is that of a virus, one fueled by your so-called Debt Monster - destined to destroy the planet and our civilization along with it. It brings to mind a old Cree Proverb which I hope will not become prophetic, but I fear it might be:

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.”

Thanks again for making "Money as Debt", you've done a great service to humanity.

~John Alexander Scroggie


Dear Sirs,
Your Documentary has been nominated by Fan Recommendation to the American International Film Festival (www.aiff2010.com) and won the Best Documentary Feature award for October 2010.


This is the best movie I've ever seen, period! No Godfather or Inception or Pulp Fiction. This one! It deserves 10 oscars. . Thanks for your work! You're a hero.

Jan Roskott, NSW, Australia

This is the best educational material yet about the world's banking system. Rarely if ever in history has a time been more ripe for fresh thinking about a fundamental issue.

Alan Tschetter, Independent E-Learning Professional

Thank-you very much for this DVD set, it is worth its weight in gold.

Randall Smith

Anne Belsey , Leader of the Money Reform Party (UK)

I have to confess that I did not like MAD 2 sufficiently to want to promote it. It is good in parts. I disliked much of it, and I frankly disagree with some parts.

...many people in my workplace have seen Money as Debt and, to a person, the scales have really begun to fall from their eyes because of it. Most of them, after they get over the shock at how our money system works! are starting to wonder now about what can be done and how to do it. I think THIS is a most important point. People clearly need to have viable, believable alternatives to any system or will choose to suffer through the current one because there just seems to be nothing better to take its place. Nothing alternative to be grounded to.

Paul's movies definitely open our eyes to the fraud and, at least, help point the way to the possibility of trying alternatives. Paul, and a few others that I am aware of on the planet, has really lead the charge on this one and I can't tell you how grateful I (and others I know) am.

An acquaintance at work told me yesterday that his 10 year old! son was just fascinated by Money as Debt and wanted to watch it again with him because there were a few things he didn't quite understand, but wanted to. It was wonderful to hear.

Darren Dauncey Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society

Money as Debt and Money as Debt II are THE BEST learning tools I've found in teaching about our monetary system. These engaging videos educate far beyond what I am able to do through explanation, reading and writing.

Thank you, Paul, for your leadership and clarity in accurately framing the problem and presenting the obvious policy answer of government-created money for the direct payment of public goods and services. These two videos should be viewed by every economics student and every adult who say they want to be competent citizens.

Carl Herman, National Board Certified teacher of Economics.


...let me congratulate you on your excellent exposition of the process of money creation and the role of money in a credit-money economy. In my view it is 100 percent correct.

Prof. Dr. Mathias Binswanger
Professor of Economics
University of Applied Sciences of Northwestern Switzerland

I very much enjoyed the watching the first Money as Debt Movie and Part II is even better.  I have shared your videos with family and friends all highly educated professionals and everyone has said that they learned a lot. I think Part II is even better, just wanted to say thank you and you are making a big contribution to the world.
I went through 4 years of school at the University of Waterloo in Math and CS and never learned a thing about the economy. My friends who went to various other schools also did not learn how the financial system works. I even have a few friends with MBA’s and they can’t explain how the financial system works. It was through personal research that I got my head around how the financial system and your movies really helped me. So thank you very much!
We supposedly go to school to get ready for life in the really world, we are all players in the economy, expect that some know the rules but most don’t.  I think proper financial training should be a mandatory part of high school, no one should be able to get a high school diploma without passing a couple of classes on the financial system, better yet there should be a test administered before letting you open a bank account or take a loan.
Adib Saikali
Programming Mastery Inc.
Developing Technical Leaders

Dear Mr. Grignon:

I trust you will insert this quick review for the public.

1. This is a seriously vulgar and a-theroretical-unpragmatic expose of the history, methodology, and scientific body of knowledge on money in the West, from Aristotle to Locke, Hume, Smith, Mill, Marx, Keynes, Friedman, etc. I appreciate the animation, but, frankly superficial.

2. At least, start with the "law of gravity" of monetary economics, viz., Demand and Supply of money in lieu of your insufficient and unfair dialectics of money, albeit its unjust and imperialistic abuses.

3. What's this C$25 to join your ambiguous club? Another marketing scam? I cannot show this to my learners. It is a bunch of "authoritative" quotes with no scientific content.

Please utilize and/or introduce your own plausible modelling should you desire to acquire the scientific monetary community's ears.

Thanks, Dr. Sarri drsarri@yahoo.com
Professor of Economics, Finance, and Philosophy, World Author

Sent from my iPhone.

Dear Mr, Grignon,

This is the best “audiovisual” teaching support material I have ever seen in my over 30 years of teaching in the U.S. Your Documentary covers both the Classroom needs, at all levels of education, from grade school to Ph.D. as well as the knowledge that all citizens should have the issue of the CREATION OF MONEY.

The Creation of Money is a very critical issue, since it documents that what is really owed and what is not owed is totally a political matter. The chosen policy determines whether we have Money as a toll for controlling people and Nations and the world, and whether we have money as a tool for the classic American Values : Political Stability, Economic Development and Social Justice.


Andreas Athinaios M.A., MCP, Ph.D.
Case Western Reserve University
University of Pennsylvania
Professor of Economics
Lindback Award Teaching Excellence 1985

Ps I want your permission to use your material while I am in Greece, for my public speaking as a U.S. professor and President of the Hellenic Foundation www.hellenic-foundation.gr

Thank you for the depth and clarity of MAD 2. After having watched MAD 1 countless times, talked it over and mentioned it to hundreds of folks and gleaned an entry level monetary working vocabulary from it, I see that MAD 2 has addressed the loose ends and questions that come up from the first film. It provides any worthy naysayers with verification that you are sincere, insightful and credible on this subject. I suppose providing this level of detail was necessary BEFORE you discuss meaningful solutions and introduce Digital Coin into the discussion. I am so happy to have this information in a way that makes it easier to discuss with others. Thank you!

--Steve Bash
Sacramento Biofuels Network
Fair Oaks, CA

I have watched your film, Money as Debt, several times over the last few years. To watch some of your predictions come true has been slightly horrifying... Thanks for this simple, easy-to-understand summary of the banking system. It clarifies a lot for me.

Brigitte DeMoss

I'd really like to take a moment to say thank you so much for making this information so simple and accessible for even my children to understand.

Thank you!
Rick & Becky Dowty

I am a 33 year old professional working in the finance industry. I first ran across your video "Money as Debt" several months ago and have doing a great deal of additional research that has lead me to the conclusion that society at large is just as imprisoned as your presentation argues by a banking aristocracy that has essentially enshrined itself in its money lending role by creating money out of nothing and then lending that money at interest. Several years ago, I lived with a UCSD economics doctoral candidate who now works as an analyst with the Federal Reserve board of governors. It has occurred to me in reflection of my talks with him about monetary policy as well as my own experience with the 3 or 4 micro & macro economics courses that I took during my undergraduate years, that the entire way that we understand money, as an academic enterprise, is based almost exclusively on Keynesian Economics.

It would seem to me that Keyneian theories are rooted in the idea that the private sector should be the one to control and affect the supply of "money/credit" (?) through interest rates and taxation. The consequences of this privatization process have led to some serious macroeconomics problems very will illustrated in your Money as Debt presenation,

I would like to thank you tremendously for creating this presentation which I have showed to many friends including some important people of influence within my own circle of acquaintances.

Milwaukee, WI

Watching “Money as Debt” along with “The Money Masters” were, in large part, the catalysts for my career change. I have known for some years now that I wanted to facilitate personal growth work, but I did not know how or to what end. After watching your video a half dozen times or so it struck me that the greatest contribution I could possibly make toward creating a just, equitable, sustainable and love filled world would be to transform our relationships with and the nature of money. I have made it my life’s purpose.

Tom Lietaert
Intimacy With Money

I was worried about watching MaD2 as “the sequel” often disappoints, and the 1st film was incredible in it’s simple explanation! But the sequel is fantastic!...

I’m glad you demonstratied the children’s 1st experiences with banking right at the beginning, I’m sure a lot of intelligent people can remember their 1st experience.

I remember asking my parents why when I was around 7-8 why I needed a bank account, wasn’t it immoral to earn interest? Where exactly would the interest come from? Isn’t it impossible to make money from money rather than a product or a service?...My parents and teachers at the time just laughed me off as too young to understand (the truth was of course they didn’t know), and I, as I assume a lot of people do, just stopped asking questions and “get on with their life”.

... congratulations on two excellent and very important films.

Neil Madlani

Hi Paul,

I saw a link to your film on the Robin Hood Tax FaceBook page and just wanted to thank you for better answering a question I've been asking for years "if all the world's in debt... who's got all the money?"

When nobody can answer I suggest that maybe the Banker's have it all, as well as all the interest on the debt - I understand my answer much better now, and, thanks to you and your contributors efforts, have an excellent resource to direct people to. The money from nothing conjuring act I'd figured out, and the ultimate outcome of total foreclosure... but without a sufficiently concise argument to deliver (quite simply because my understanding was far less than it has become).

Beyond that, the film is also a powerful reflection on the real purpose behind consumption (and so the persuasion to consume) - I would hope those who watch the film take a moment to consider how little their purchases have to do with their wants and immediate needs and how much more to do with the (artificial) need to perpetuate debt.

Aside from my thanks - I recently made a couple of very short animatics to (hopefully) help the cause of the Robin Hood Tax. I've pasted the links and, with your permission, would like to include a link to your site in the info. box.

Shorts are 90 seconds and at the following links (and I think it fair to say,or warn, that the tone of the first is in part a product of understanding less about the cycle than after watching Money As Debt;


Oliver's Army

I also very much enjoyed a look through your gallery and perpetual movie (which I will be visiting again).

Many thanks again and very best wishes -

John Le Brocq
Writer - Director

I wanted to send you guys an email to say thank you so much for producing your films. Money as Debt has been the pillar to my understanding of what has happened to our money system and, largely, why the world is where it is today, at least on a financial level.

I studied economics for 6 years, saw your video, investigated, and was appalled at the extent that this game of banking and politics has taken. I have spread your video to just about every person I know. Thank you for being my teachers and raising my awareness. My deepest respects.

- Dave Mitchell, BC, Canada

“Money as Debt” by Paul Grignon is a good place to get started on the quest for new financial insights, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in deepening their understanding of our existing banking system.

With the illustrations of clever character designs and through presentation of simple economic terms and concepts, Mr Grignon eloquently depicts today’s financial challenge(s) in a nutshell.

The artist does this in such a way that it can enlighten the most uninformed laymen to the seasoned financial professional.

~ Samuel Washington, The Epoch Times, Dec. 2008

I know this to be an exceptionally well made, concise, and legitimate presentation of our current money system. Paul Grignon has managed in 47 minutes to clarify a complex subject so thoroughly that even my 10 year old could understand its dimensions. I applaud Mr. Grignon's successful exposure of the shackles that are currently holding us in pens of ignorance. Thank you for this awesome education.

~ Lisa Hills

Hey Man,

My name is Rob Driscoll and I am a designer / musician in Vancouver and a friend sent me your link a year ago (the utube link). I almost took economics when I was younger but was reading "Towers of Gold, Feet of Clay" at the time / about the Can Banking Ind / had this feeling in my gut they were all crooks, never took the program... AND YOU'VE PROVED ME RIGHT!

Your video / economic lesson horror cartoon has to be the most powerful and revolutionary information package to hit mankind since the printing press. Not a good analogy but good enough.

What really scares me though is that a lot of people buy into the banks PR and can't understand how a bunch of people who somehow wangled the legal right to extend credit to the public (to themselves?) from the public domain (which is who should control all credit), how could these bankers ever cause them harm? They are so... trustable?

Every bank add on TV is warm, fuzzy and meaningless, because no one understands what they could know from your video / how the fractional system works so I try to tell everyone I know personally and others I only know from the net about your video.

I write a lot on the Chris Martin Church website (parody site of Chris Martin / leader of Coldplay / #1 rock band in the world), and I've encouraged everyone there to check out your video. They probably know about it anyway as they are all fairly well developed when it comes to having a social consciousness.

I hope everyone in the world watches your effort, it's the only way things will change.

All this crap we have wrong with society and how it just stays the same decade after decade, despite who is democratically elected?

Well maybe it's the system we should un-elect I think maybe?

Good luck and you will go down in history as the ultimate revolutionary, Pierre Trudeau smiles down from Heaven on you for your good work!

Stay Well, Rob Driscoll / Vancouver / robdriscoll/www.myspace.com

from Greg Craven, the "Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See."

Been meaning to email you with a huge boost to your ego. I was flown out to Dusseldorf to give a keynote to the Risk Services line of Ernst & Young Germany-Austria-Switzerland. (Bizarre, but true.) Got a chance to talk with some big heavyweight consultants.

I talked a lot with one of them who used to be a senior consultant at McKinsey & Company. One evening when we were talking the nature of the financial system, he was saying things that were very much in the domain of what I learned from "Money as Debt," and I thought he would be interested in the video. When I mentioned it to him he lit up--he knew it well. I shared that it had taken me 4 hours just to watch the first 20 minutes because I paused after literally every sentence to think it through, make sure I understood what it was claiming, and then trying to break the claim, each time being unable to.

I was so critical because with the success of my "Most Terrifying Video" I had become a conspiracy theory magnet, and developed an excellent early-warning BS detector so I wouldn't waste a lot of time. Your video passed the quick glance test, which brought a slightly slower look, which brought about the aforementioned viewing. I couldn't stop watching it (because I was so flabbergasted that such outrageous claims were unassailable to the well-exercised hypercriticality of my mind that a lifetime of attacking ideas had produced) yet after four hours and still being only halfway through, I had to stop stopping at every line, because I needed to be writing my own damn book. (Every minute counted since I wrote it in 15 weeks.)

Anyway, when I shared that with him, his eyes got wide and he said "Me too!" He'd done the same thing--pausing the video after every statement to see if he could find anything wrong with it, and failing to do so with statement after statement!

And here's the totally amazing thing that I knew I had to share with you as a fellow possessed and unappreciated prophet: he not only had tried to dissect it himself, but he pulled together 6 other consultants and they spent a week going over it together with a fine-tooth comb! What a freaking honor to you! (I asked what project they were working on where they would devote that much high-paid time to analyzing your video. He said that he had a lot of flexibility in his position there. Meaning, he did it because he could--he was that interested!)


Money as Debt III is a brilliant, crystal-clear, wrap up to the Money as Debt Series. This final episode delivers on what it promises.

Paul Grignon pulls together all the threads of his story of money as a core determinant of our life – and takes us further into the future, showing how we can reinvent a more just and more human financial system.

Sophie Arthaud
- TV writer & creative producer

Thanks Paul for the tidy wrap-up in Movie 3.

Defenders of the present toxic monetary system mostly have self-interest motivating their representations.

Through the past century, folks like F. A. Hayek and Jesus Huerta De Soto revealed that "fatal conceit" is implicitly part of monetary systems operated by governments or their contractors, such as the Federal Reserve System. Gresham's Law prevailed.

Your proposal to step away from systems that have and are always "gamed" by the few, at the expense of the many, is part of "the solution".

A monetary design that treasures integrity and penalizes deceit, or at least exaggeration of value, is in the public interest; in the best meaning of the phrase.

Your thinking is good and a light in a dark forest.

Erik Andersen; Economist

Real-World Economics Review Blog

"....the obvious solution is not merely to foster the use of transferable product-specific vouchers as stores of value but to make them company-specific and include expiry dates on them. Businesses that issue them could then be confident about the level of sales they can achieve before the end of the expiry period. This is where we go, roughly speaking, if we follow the ingenious Digital Coin proposal of Paul Grignon, a Canadian film maker whose excellent animated documentary Money as Debt deserves to be screened to all students of economics.

" Grignon’s plan is available in summary form in its own must-see animated video."

" I find Grignon’s Digial Coin proposal especially well thought out. The time for this self-issued credit system to be implemented seems ripe both because of the failure of the existing bank-credit system and because we now have the technology to make it work. "

Peter Earl, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Queensland.
Real-World Economics Review Blog, Monetary Innovations for eco-friendly production and economic stability, Dec. 9 2011

I watched Money As Debt 3. It's awesome!!!
I'm planning to watch it again many times with friends and family, it's both fun and food of thought and discussion.

I like the logical progression of the arguments, the clean separation of concepts and the well paced introduction of ideas.

My prediction is that it will become at least as popular as the earlier films and even more, because not only does it hold education value but it brings a well presented solution and clearly visible hope.

As you follow international news, you probably know already that Greece is literally on the verge of collapse... I believe that a similar situation will happen globally with Europe following Greece and USA getting eaten by its own debt monster.

The most frustrating thing of all is that almost no-one understands what's going on.

Everyone thinks it's a political problem, while in fact it is an engineering problem.

Money as Debt III fundamentally re-designs the engineering.

Michael Zafiris, Senior Information Technology Engineer with 4 years experience in the Investment Banking Industry, now living in Greece

I have watched the entire MAD III DVD set 3 times to date.

MAD III is one of the most significant and thought provoking vehicles in the quest for Monetary Reform today.

MAD III, and works like it, are needed more than ever to open and engage the influences of average people, outside of the mahogany board rooms of the Banks and committee rooms of corrupted politicians. Thank you for producing it.

Being an Austrian School fan (but not believing in a metal based monetary standard) I would have to say that many of the concepts you support in the video are Libertarian in nature. This is a very good thing in my estimation, as it directly supports individual liberties and freedoms..

Peter Reck, Grassroots Monetary Activist, Geauga OH

I received the DVD yesterday and I liked it very much. I think that the concepts presented in MAD III are very powerful and could indeed be the transition that many of us have been pondering about for some time.

To me it looks like the long overdue converging of a lot of interesting ideas being tried/debated today like time banks, complementary currencies, full reserve banking, interest-free banking, demurrage and bitcoin, to name a few.

Very compelling indeed.

Francesco Rizza, London (UK)

Thank you for the wonderful new video - I purchased 10 copies and am mailing them out to others! I have watched it several times.

I love the section on Money Reform Movements. I think you clearly articulate the different movements - address what they are searching for and Very Clearly end up with why decentralized self-issued credit is what we are looking for!

As I have been studying this for the past four years and working on writing a book on it - I agree with your point of view fully! There are things I would NOT have thought of without your model, and many that brought me to the same conclusions following intuition and nature..

I am reading books like the paypal wars and wikinomics and the starfish and the spider that show why your Model is The Model because it ultimately will Not be able to be Stopped.... It is the way of liberation!

I had a dinner with a well known economist (Rich Bernstein - he used to be the chief investment strategist at Merrill Lynch for 20 something years) Thursday night, and I focused on money as debt and ponzi scheme questions and he agreed with everything we believe but said that we won't see change in our life times - I know that's not true - I know this vision that you have more clearly than anyone will come more quickly than anyone thinks - Because it Is decentralized! - as nature is....

Kristen Rasgusin,
wealth management advisor

I have watched Money as Debt 3 and the whole series many times now and want to thank you for creating such a wonderful body of easily accessible information that
has enlightened me and allowed me to share with others the mechanics of our
current codependent monetary enslavement system and how a system intended to
serve the greater good for egalitarian INTERDEPENDENT exchange can, and now
DOES exist, in theory for now.

As a fellow visionary, I see the possibility for a new life affirming social
paradigm of interdependent network interaction with each other and the earth
and your proposed system is a wonderful mirror of this interdependent human
potential. It may be awkward or even frightening at first to engage in a
system of exchange that is truly mutually beneficial, but once a critical
mass begin to lead by example, in creative, self empowering win-win
exchanges, the flood gates of an interdependent and sustainable culture will
be well on its way.

Steve Bash, Community Organizer/Sustainable Energy Education and Research.

I just rented the video from Grignon's website. I have already watched it several times. Just fantastic. Pay the four bucks or so and you'll never regret a penny. I'll probably eventually buy several DVD's for friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a service to mankind!

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Your work is simply awesome. I link and refer to your stuff repeatedly in www.beyondrealtime.com as your insight into what money really is is truly profound. I don't write fan mail ever but in this case, I am.

Thanks for your witty and intelligent segues into the strange vagaries of money and how it is manipulated by the Fed, government, the WS banksters and the interconnect set of central banks all over the world.

Without a doubt, you explain how banking works better than anyone else I know.

Robert Moran www.beyondrealtime.com

Thank you Paul,

Stick to your guns—I show Money as Debt to every class I have every semester.

Very best wishes,

Eric Cunningham, Associate Professor
Department of History
Gonzaga University
(509) 313-5973

Think about living your life blind from birth and then one day getting some sight back. That's what watching "Money As Debt" I, II, and III did for me. Then "The Money Masters" helped, too.

No big audiences for these movies, but IMHO, this stuff should be in every school. It will help you live better and it might even save your life. Or your kids' lives.

Bold statements. But you can't protect yourself from an enemy you can't see and don't know about. Watch and learn about the people who get rich by making you work harder and end up with less. Here's a hint: It's not who you think it is. They're good at hiding.

Schools won't teach you about them, either. I studied Economics, Government and Finance at some of the best schools, but this stuff somehow wasn't part of any course.

Why does it get left out? Watch and learn. This is stuff we don't *know* we don't know about. That makes us blind and helpless, which is the way some people like it. Presidents of the United States have been killed to keep us that way.

There's lots more, but once you've seen these first 4 movies, you'll know where to look and you'll be able to find lots more.

I'm not going to make this review any longer. But please, watch these *great* movies!


Hi Paul,

I just felt like thanking you, so much, for your Money as Debt educational videos.

A few years, and lots of documentaries, articles and books later, I have completely changed my direction in this life. And Money as Debt was either the first or one of the first pieces that started me on this new journey.

Just a "thank you so much for your gift to the world."




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