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The Essence of Money

Market money was nothing more complicated than dependable promises of merchandise or services
direct from the suppliers of that merchandise or service.

my posted comments
on a CBDC conference in Sweden
to which I was invited
June 15, 2019, Stockholm, Sweden
Parts 1/ 2 / 3 / 4

"the blind leading the blind"
into CBDC


A Critique of
Design Options of Sovereign Money
a Full Overview





problem analysis

basic explanations

papers written for peer review

Peer-reviewed paper published by the World Economics Association
Proposed new metric: the Perpetual Debt Level

deeper analysis

The Banking System, Itself, is the ROOT CAUSE of
Money System Instability

HOW is Principal Extinguished?

deeper still ...

The Confusion About Savings

An answer to Claudio Borio's Call for a new explanatory model