Producer’s Comments on the Movie, Money as Debt III - Evolution Beyond Money


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By Paul Grignon     

I am a lifelong artist. Nothing teaches you the relativity of value like the selling of art. A few dollars worth of materials and a few minutes, hours days or months of creative effort can sell for $20, $2000 or $2 million all depending on how it is "valued".

What we value structures our world. A world that values money profits above all else while mindlessly destroying its life-support system is a world determined to bring about its own extinction.

Money as Debt - Evolution Beyond Money is a picture; a picture of a friendlier world. It is a possible world liberated from the burdens of financial servitude and pressure for profit and growth no matter what, that currently prevent us from adapting to or even acknowledging the real world imperative of drastically reduced total consumption.

It is a world we could embrace by choice.

More likely, It is a different path we will need to embark on out of necessity, as the current system becomes more and more dysfunctional.

I have provided this new world-picture in detail, along with a brief review of the material covered in the first two movies. This is why the movie is quite long, divided into 4 separate parts with many standalone chapters. I don't expect people to watch it all at once.

Most of what I present are time-honoured concepts, but in an original combination that will be unfamiliar to most people.

The short movie "The Essence of Money" is therefore the starting point, as this 8-minute cartoon limits itself to describing the foundational idea of money as self-issued credit upon which everything else in this proposal is constructed.

Having spent the last 13 years studying the subject of money and its effect on our economic, social and ecological systems, I feel qualified to think for myself on this subject, put forth a movie describing my conclusions, and take whatever criticisms come.

The response to my first two movies has been almost entirely positive, from those for whom the revelation is like discovering the truth about sex or Santa Claus, to Professors of Economics who thank me for making their job easier. So far so good!

Lastly let me state that I am not a financial expert in the investment sense, not at all! I have my own owner-built home for which we were never in debt, as we had the freedom to live in it while building it. I am not a great success at organizing people although I have in the past led local movements and been very much a public figure and a target.

For the past five years, I have spent most of my hours alone in front of a computer, doing this work I feel called upon to perform.

My capability is creating the movies. Many, many others with business and organizing skills will have to take this understanding and run with it to make anything actually happen.

If you feel that motivation email me to be connected with others who are similarly motivated.

paul at computer

Making the Movie – the Hardware & Software used

All work was performed on an Apple Mac Pro with dual 2.8 Ghz  Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors and 8 GB of 800MHz DDR2 RAM.

Money as Debt animations were hand-drawn and animated in successive versions of Flash.

The 3-D animations were created in Swift-3D and incorporated into the Flash projects.

Photoshop was also used on occasion

The music was primarily created by playing on a MIDI input keyboard using the amazing capabilities of Reason. Some music was generated in Apple's Garage Band and Soundtrack Pro. I am indebted to various contributors for offering free online some of the sound samples, drum loops & MIDI files I incorporated.

I built the all the geometric 3-D models myself in Swift-3D and Carrara 

Figures were posed from Poser.

Landscapes and skies were created in Bryce and Vue.

Room Interiors were created in Live Interior 3D Pro

Mesh models were downloaded from “free stuff” at Archive 3D, 3D Extras, Delicious 3D, Sweet Home 3D,, 3D Warehouse, 3D Café and Help3D.

Additional mesh models were purchased from 3D CAD Browser, Content Paradise, Cornucopia 3D

The final video editing was performed in Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

The DVD was authored in Apple's DVD Studio Pro.