Money as Debt III - Evolution Beyond Money

138 min.

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This third and final movie in the Money as Debt Trilogy presents an attractive picture of how "money" could work in the future.
It is full of surprising specifics for creating a nurturing economy applied with technologies that exist right now.

Money as Debt III - Evolution Beyond Money demonstrates in simple terms why our primitive concept of money as a "single uniform commodity"
is the ROOT cause of money system dysfunction and a major factor in economic and political injustice.

There is now, and there has long been, an alternative way to do "money".

Money as Debt III, Evolution Beyond Money illustrates in extensive and entertaining detail,
how a fundamental change in our long-held concept of money, paired with recent breakthroughs in technology,
opens the door to a liberated, self-balancing global "money" backed by REAL VALUE and OPEN to ALL.

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